CookiePro by OneTrust Integration

HandL UTM Grabber /WordPress UTM Tracker How to collect and track UTM variables viaCookiePro by OneTrust Integration step by step

Ensure UTM Grabber Waits for User Consent

Ourr plugin functions by default. This implies that it essentially ignores the settings in CookiePro and collects data, regardless of the consent status.

If you wish to collect data irrespective of consent, then there's no need to adjust any settings.

Only proceed if you want UTM Grabber to get consent before gathering data. Please be aware that enabling this feature could result in missing data for those who did not provide consent.

However, if you wish to alter this behavior, it can be done through settings. You simply need to navigate to UTM > GDPR and click on the CookiePro checkbox. Once you've completed these steps, our plugin will monitor the consent and only collect data IF consent is given.

Please note that we utilize Cookiebot's event listener on the client side. This means that as soon as the user provides consent, the data collection will automatically initiate without the need for a page reload.