Formidable Forms Integration

HandL UTM Grabber / Tracker How to collect and track UTM variables via Formidable Forms step by step

Formidable Form Integration

1.Open Formidable and click "Add New"

2.Choose a form type

3.Name your form and type the description you want

4.Choose "Hidden" in the left menu

5.Click your new hidden area, then click "Advanced"

6.Type the "Field Key" like that and click "Update"

2020-09-28 00_03_33-image-1600514832130.png

7.Copy the shortcode of the form

8.Edit your form page

9.Paste the shortcode and update the form

Formidable Forms UTM Tracking Video Tutorial

Please watch the related Video Tutorial below

and click right to the video and open link in new tab

Formidable Forms UTM Tracking Video Tutorial