Ninja Forms Integration

1.Select Ninja Form from the left bar and then click 'Contact Me' Button

1-Select Ninja forms from the bar and then click Contact Me.png

2. Click + Symbol

2-Click + add symbol.png

3. Click 'Hidden' Button

3-Click hidden button.png

4. Hidden box shows down at the bottom of the form

4-hidden space shows up.png

5. Click the Hidden box and side panel shows on right

5-click hidden box and shows a two-line menu.png

**6. Write your name and then click the symbol at the second line on the right **

6-Write your label name and then click the symbol on the right.png

7. Select HandL UTM Grabber then click the value you want to use

7-select HandL UTM Grabber then click whatever you want.png

8. Click the 'DONE' button

8-after selecting your value click the Done button.png

9. Congratulations! 🥳 You are ready

9-congratulations! Now you are ready.png

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

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