How to collect UTMs in MailerLite

Download official mailerlite plugin

You can download it from

Set up your custom fields in mailerlite

Make sure your custom fields match exactly with ours for much easier integration. Native WP Shortcodes

Create your form in MailerLite plugin

Select the custom fields that you want to include in your form. Here we included only two out of many. Feel free to include more as you need it from Native WP Shortcodes.

Your form will look like this

Use the shortcode for the form and include it in your page. Your form will look like this

You will most likely hide the utm fields

You can use the code attached to hide all the UTM fields. Make sure the list all the parameters you used from the third step. Here we only have ['utm_source','utm_campaign']


Form after hiding the fields

After removing the fields, your form will look like this.


Take your form and it should populate all the utm fields automatically. You can see the data in MailerLite dashboard (Subscribers)

That's it!

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

Get HandL UTM Grabber V3