Capture UTMs in OptimizeLeads form

Add the fields you would like to capture in Optimize Press

Don't worry if you can't make them hidden right now.

Add the following code in Footer in Tracking

var vars = ["utm_campaign","utm_medium","utm_source","utm_term","utm_content","gclid","handl_original_ref","handl_ip","fbclid","_fbc","_fbp","gaclientid","user_agent"]
for (v of vars){

window.addEventListener('message', event => {
if ( {
	merged =
	for (v of vars){
		if (merged[v] != undefined){
			console.log(v, merged[v])
			var input = document.querySelector("[placeholder='"+v+"']")
			input.setAttribute('value', input.value);

Edit the plugin file handl-utm-grabber.js:109

Inser the lines at 109

        var merged = jQuery.extend( {'handl':true}, handl_utm )
        var frames = document.getElementsByClassName("optimize-leads-frame")
        for (frame of frames){
            frame.contentWindow.postMessage(merged, '*');
    }, 100)

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

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