101. Let's Start

HandL UTM Grabber / Tracker;
Installation and Activation
Activate Licence key
Reset Your Password

How to Activate User Account

How to Download HandL UTM Grabber/Tracker Free Version

How to Download & Activate HandL UTM Grabber/Tracker V3

Where is my license key?

How to de-activate/reactivate license key on a new domain?

How to activate license on a new domain?

How to Reset Your Password?

How to cancel my membership?

Login to your account at utmgrabber.com After loging in, click your name uppper right corner of ...

How to upgrade my plan?

Login to your account on utmgrabber.com Click your name and My Downloads Select the plan that...

I need invoice

You can download your invoice by logging into utmgrabber.com and navigating to 'Billings'. If ...

How to update HandL UTM Grabber v3 plugin?

Method 1 (Easiest): From your WordPress plugin Find "HandL UTM Grabber v3" in the menu and click...

How to change credit card on file?

You can manage your license and billing information at utmgrabber.com Login to your account and ...

Which sites are my licenses being used on?

Please log in at utmgrabber.com and click on "My Account" > "Sites." The domain names will be...