Track UTMs in Sendinblue form

Add Contact Attributes

Go to Settings > Contacts atributes

Add all the UTMs and other parameters from UTM Grabber as shown below. Native WP Shortcodes

Add the fields in your form

You can add the new fields in your form using "Add a new field" feature

Or simply copy paste the following code, anywhere in the form

<p class="sib-UTM_CAMPAIGN-area"> 
<input type="hidden" class="utm_campaign" name="UTM_CAMPAIGN"> 
<p class="sib-UTM_SOURCE-area"> 
<input type="hidden" class="utm_source" name="UTM_SOURCE"> 
<p class="sib-UTM_MEDIUM-area"> 
<input type="hidden" class="utm_medium" name="UTM_MEDIUM"> 
<p class="sib-ORGANIC_SOURCE-area"> 
<input type="hidden" class="organic_source" name="ORGANIC_SOURCE"> 
<p class="sib-TRAFFIC_SOURCE-area"> 
<input type="hidden" class="traffic_source" name="TRAFFIC_SOURCE"> 

NOTE: interestingly the wrapper div is required :)

We have added only some UTMs, organic_source and traffic_source as an example. You can add as much fields as you wish.

Make sure the class variable matches with our naming convention here Native WP Shortcodes As long as you maintain that, our plugin will be able to aitofill the fields.

After that you can test and go to Sendinblue to confirm

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

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