Easy Appointments UTM integration

1) Create the following custom fields in Easy Appointments WordPress plugin.

Go to Easy Appointments > Settings

utm_campaign – Collects utm_campaign variable.
utm_source – Collects utm_source variable.
utm_term – Collects utm_term variable.
utm_medium – Collects utm_medium variable.
utm_content – Collects utm_content variable.
gclid – Collects gclid variable.
fbclid – Collects gclid variable.

it is very critical that you use the exact same name shown above as slug in order for our plugin collect and associate the UTMs

This is the bare minimum, you can add much more fields. Please see Native WP Shortcodes for the full list of parameters supported.

2) Confirm the fields prefilled automatically in your browser

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

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