Capture UTMs using Formstack forms (V4)

This form is only compatible with HandL UTM Grabber V3.

Please add the hidden fields as outlined below. Ensure that the hidden field name (either the field label or placeholder) exactly matches our naming convention detailed here: Native WP Shortcodes.

Hidden Fields

Add Embed Code in FormStack at the top of your form and include the following script there. Make sure to replace <FORM ID> with your own form id

var form = window.fsApi().getForm(<FORM ID>);
    type: 'ready',
    onFormEvent: function (event) {
        if (window.handl_utm_all_params){{
    			var element = document.querySelector('.fsForm [placeholder="'+v+'"]')
    			if (element){
    				var curVal = Cookies.get(v);
    				if (curVal){
						var field_id = element.getAttribute('data-fs-field-id')
						var dest_field = form.getField(field_id);
    	return Promise.resolve(event);

This code will automatically populate the fields after a lead is submitted.

Populated Fields

Never lose any UTMs ever 💪

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