What does new IOS 14 release (privacy) change in terms of tracking?

What is the new privacy change?

Starting from IOS 14, Apple asks users for their permission to allow/disallow to track their activity. This change means a lot especially for advertesing platforms (such as Google, Facebook) or similar others who does third-party trakcing.

What is third-party tracking?

Third-party web tracking refers to the practice by which the tracker, other than the website directly visited by the user, tracks or assists in tracking the user’s visit to the site. Tracking is performed using domains other than the website domain (e.g. fb.com, doubleclick.net etc), hence the name third-party.

I'm advertising on Facebook, do I need to do anything?

Yes, Facebook has a very good support page explaining what you need to do as an advertiser. It is mainly, instead of using their domain for tracking data about your user, they let you verify your domain in Facebook and use your domain, avoiding the third-party tracking limitation by IOS 14.

My ads reporting is changed

If you notice that some of the KPIs in your reporting in Google and Facebook have changed, this does not necessarily imply that you are losing conversions. It is most likely due to the manner in which Facebook and Google report statistics. Both platforms announced that they are estimating conversions based on a model of similarly behaving users. You can read more here for Google about modeled online onversions and for Facebook about estimated reporting.

My tracking is impacted

If you think your tracking is impacted. Please see some of the major troubleshooting guides compiled here There is no UTM collected.

Has HandL UTM Grabber effected by this change?

No, HandL UTM Grabber never uses third-party tracking. All the assets come within the plugin file and there is no external script/cookies run on your server. All the tracking parameters are recorded on your domain and no where else!

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