I've NitroPack plugin

1) Ignored parameters

Make sure "Include the default ignored parameters" is disabled.

2) Excluded Cookies (Now Obsolete, see Variation Cookies below instead)

Add the following cookies and all the custom parameters you created in "Excluded Cookies" section.



utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_term, utm_medium, utm_content, gclid, first_utm_campaign, first_utm_source, first_utm_term, first_utm_medium, first_utm_content, handl_original_ref, handl_landing_page, handl_ip, handl_ref, handl_url, organic_source, gaclientid
//and all the custom parameters created by you

2) Variation Cookies

With Excluded ones (the method above), NitroPack wouldn't generate any cache for the pages containing your cookies.

While with Variation cookie, a new optimization would be created based on the different cookie values.

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